maiME© Pillow-Dolls 

what? maiME© is a pillow doll or one could say selfie doll. It combines individual photo and personalized illustration. maiME is not only a 3D version of a photo but it is a very personal object you can customize in many ways. The personalized illustration has no limits in adding very specific details (a special jewelry, a scar or tattoo on the arm, the habit of rolling the right sleeve up...).
why? Because we want to have our loved ones around us and this is so much more than just a photo. Don’t you want to hug or even kiss someone in their absence?

also ... Whether it’s a gift for someone or for yourself, you can also choose which fabric you would like to use for the back. Maybe a heart pattern for a wedding gift? A flowery pattern for Mother’s Day? Or you can even send me a piece of fabric you would like me to use (daddy’s shirt, your baby blanket etc.).
Where did it come from? It started all when thinking about a retirement gift for my beloved boss. A group picture of his closest coworkers seemed rather boring and impersonal. I literally wanted him to take his “tribe” home to remind him of us in a fun way -so the idea was born to make a doll of each one.