Thanks to my parents, a Japanese artist and German photographer, I was exposed to a delicate sense of beauty, aesthetics and proportion very early on…Ideals that reflect in my work today and of which I am most passionate. 
During my studies it became more and more apparent that my true interest focused on “hands-on design”, away from designing on the computer. Creating and building by hand produces the result I desire: the strongest connection towards having the haptic experience with the material. If the modernist’s mantra is “form follows function”, it is not unusual that mine is “design follows material”. Hence, over the years my focus shifted towards branding and packaging design.
After 10+ years of working as a print designer and observing our world becoming ever more digital and virtual oriented, my desire to go “back to the roots” became overwhelmingly strong. This is when I started woodturning. The purity of working with nature, emphasizing the beauty of the material and giving it an additional purpose by changing the shape is so very satisfying. My passion lies in the real and tangible, something you can feel and smell -Something you can only achieve through true craftsmanship.